My work spans across a range of combined media in an extended studio manner. In my current body of work, which consists of drawings, prints, and paintings on paper, I probe notions of the unconscious and bodily through the lens of abstraction. My images represent macro to micro proportions of visceral and biological systems to create a sense of imagined spaces within the psyche. I aim to depict the connection between the psyche, analytical thought, and the corporeal. Using free-association processes of image making, I create an alternative parallel to conventional notions of 'knowledge', such as those embodied in didactic models or diagrams.

       Rebecca is a New York based artist, born in Budapest, Hungary, who immigrated to the US as a child, and grew up amid the experimental theater group, Squat Theatre, where she was a frequent actor. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and received both an MFA and a Certificate of Curatorial Studies from Hunter College. In the New York City area, her work has been exhibited at Hunter College, The Cynthia Broan Gallery, and The Anthology Film Archives, among others, whlle internationally she has exhibited in Paris, France; Sophia, Bulgaria; and at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest, Hungary. Press includes Juxaptoz magazine, Elephant magazine, NY ARTS Magazine, Vellum magazine, and exhibition catalogs. She was an artist-in-residence at the Ludwig Museum, Budapest; an awardee of a Pratt BFA Scholarship; and recently, a recipient of an artist residency award from Liquitex in 2021. (1).jpg