The human figure is a central tenet within my wider art practice. In previous work I've examined concepts of identity, persona, and the body through sculpture, video, and installations, while also adding a critical narrative, considering women’s roles in society and history. My current body of work, an ongoing project titled "Amorphous", consist of abstract forms in which I focus on representing macro proportions of the the body and the psyche. By using intuitive processes of free association, I create images that oscillate between representation and abstraction and imagine corporeal landscapes of the internal.

       I’m a New York based artist, born in Budapest, Hungary. I have exhibited on a regular basis in the New York areas, in galleries such the Cynthia Broan Gallery and the Anthology Film Archives, among others. Internationally, my work has been exhibited in Paris, France; Sophia, Bulgaria; and in Budapest, Hungary. I hold a BFA from Pratt Institute, NY, and an MFA from Hunter College, NY, as well as a Certificate of Curatorial Studies. Since 2018, I've served as a curatorial and arts administrative intern at several New York based non-profit art institutions, including The Jewish Museum, NY. Press includes contemporary art magazines such as Juxaptoz, Elephant, NY ARTS, and Vellum. Residency awards include the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Liquitex, and the Manhattan Graphics Center. My work is currently featured in the Spring 2023 issue of Vellum Magazine, “The Materiality of Paper ”.