Themes are investigations into the dialectic between abstraction and the representational as they relate to the body, histories, and psychology.

Shirley Gloria
In the Round
Little Things
Amorphous Sculptures

Shirley Gloria is an installation that consists of a sculpture of the 1930s star Shirley Temple, melded with found vintage audio recording, (originally recorded in the 1960s) of a woman named Gloria, who speaks to her psychoanalyst during a session.
In the Round and Little Things are two projects that consist of small-scale ceramic figurines in the likeness of wild-animal newborns.
Amorphous Sculptures #1-4 series of investigations made of ceramic, into the corporeal and the unconscious and inspired by by stream-of-consciousness preparatory drawings. The Round.jpg The Round_detail.jpg Figurines 1_detail.jpg Figures 1.jpg sculptures 1-2.jpg sculptures 3-4.jpg