Amorphous is my ongoing project in drawing, painting, and printmaking. While the use of color has become central in my recent work, the genesis of the paintings actually lies in a series of mostly monochrome pen drawings that I’ve been creating over the course of several years. My initial inspiration was diagrammatic illustrations found in antique anatomical reference books. Didactic models and illustrations, which pronounce to contain ‘accepted knowledge’ as such, find an alternate parallel of meaning through my images. My paintings focus on the dichotomy between 'unknowns' and scientifically measurable aspects of the unconscious.

Amorphous in blue, gray, and yellow #4, Silkscreen monoprint, 22x30 in. 2022

Amorphous Print #1-8, laser etched paper, 11x14 in. 2018, ea. Ed.of 4. Exhibition documentation: One Eyed Studios, New York, NY, 2018
A series of 8 works on paper are arranged in a darkened room with directional lighting that accentuate the subtle indentations on the surface of the paper created by the laser etcher. The images are of imagined spaces of the internal psyche creating a link between to notions of the bodily. Print 5.jpg